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Aaranyaa Feet & Elbow Softening Hand Cream

Aaranyaa Feet & Elbow Softening Hand Cream

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Product Type: Beauty

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  • Soft feet & Elbows
  • Natural ingredients
  • 50 g

Get beautifully soft feet and elbows with the Aaranyaa Feet & Elbow Softening, 50 g Cream Soft. Made from pure natural ingredients, this cream is safe for everyday use on the gentlest of skins. Gentle active ingredients work from within to get rid of roughness and dark spots around elbows and feet. Enriched with vitamins that nourish and pamper skin, regular use of this cream makes your skin soft and healthy and retains skin elasticity. Its ability to soften cuticle makes it ideal for use during a pedicure or manicure. Light and non-greasy, it absorbs quickly into your skin, instantly lending softness. Now wear short sleeved clothes and open toed sandals with confidence - you don't need to hide your elbows or feet anymore. Packed with natural plant and fruit extracts, this cream keeps skin hydrated and supple and free of cracks or wrinkles. This is also contains essential oils and extracts that keep skin feeling cool and fresh for hours.

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