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Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Cleaning Brush, 12 Count

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Cleaning Brush, 12 Count

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Product Type: Baby Care

Vendor: Dr. Brown's

SKU: 620-3pcs

  • Dr Brown's Cleaning Brush
  • Helps keep Dr. Brown's vent inserts and vent reservoirs clean and clear of blockage
  • Designed to use with all Dr. Brown's natural flow baby bottles
  • Handle material - Lead free stainless steel
  • Items included in the Package: 4 Cleaning Brushes
  • Top rack, dishwasher-safe
  • BPA Free

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Cleaning Brush

A small brush with big cleaning power! Keep vent inserts and reservoirs clean in any Dr. Brown’s bottles with Dr. Brown’s Cleaning Brushes. Happy Feeding stays happy when you use the Cleaning Brush to clean and clear blockages of dried milk and formula. The multi-purpose, lightweight brush easily maneuvers through all Dr. Brown’s bottle components – especially the Dr. Brown’s Internal Vent System – for a fully clean and functioning bottle interior. Also use to clean sippy and straw cups.BPA free.

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