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GAIA SKIN Natural Baby Powder,100 Gm

GAIA SKIN Natural Baby Powder,100 Gm

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  • Freshen your baby's nappy area at change time gaia natural baby powder is made from talc-free cornstarch powder to absorb excess moisture in your baby's skin folds, keeping your baby drier for longer and helping to avoid nappy rash and skin irritations.
  • Certified organic lavender helps to soothe and calm skin - nappy rash and irritation may benefit from gaia natural baby powder.
  • We have many success stories from our customers who use gaia natural baby powder under the arms, breasts and between the legs to minimise chafing and reduce sweating.

Talc free cornstarch powder! ideal for calmingforting nappy rash and reducing moisture. Use at nappy change time to freshen your baby's bottom and leave it smelling beautiful with the subtle smell of organic lavender.

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